The Importance of being a Church School


‘A caring Christian family with a love for learning at its heart.’


Beechcroft St Paul’s Church of England Primary School, established upon Christian foundations, and living out the Christian faith, is committed to providing every child with an excellent education.

Our Christian values and faith leads us to fulfil this by:

  • Creating a secure, caring and forgiving environment
  • Providing excellence in teaching and learning to enable each child to realise their full potential
  • Valuing and respecting each and every individual
  • Fostering a sense of curiosity and excitement about the world in which we live
  • Equipping every child with the life skills and confidence to make a positive contribution and to exercise their gifts and talents
  • Nurturing respect for other faiths
  • Working in partnership with home, Church and the wider community
  • Experiencing worship, thankfulness, celebration and prayer at the heart of school life


In summary everything will lead to the following Christian values being found in our school community:


Personal values: humility, endurance, thankfulness, reverence and wisdom
Relational values: trust, service, compassion, friendship, forgiveness and peace
Community values: justice, hope, creation and fellowship

Collective Worship


Each term we follow a number of specific collective worship themes across the school. These themes are based on Christian values.

Themes for the year 2016/17









As a Church school we hold a daily act of collective worship.


Whole School Collective Worship - Singing
KS1 Collective Worship: KS2  Collective Worship.
Whole School Collective Worship led by a member of SLT.
.Whole School Collective Worship led by Father Richard.
Friday         Whole School Collective Worship - Celebration

Being a Church School


Many schools will talk about educating the whole child and teaching children to be good citizens - but we believe that being a Church School means much more than that.

At Beechcroft St Paul’s we aim to ensure the children explore and live out Christian values - those values taught by Jesus.

Distinctive Nature of Our School: Survey 2014

At Beechcroft St Paul’s, we feel that we are a reflective and self-evaluative School that is always keen to move forward and to reflect our Pupil’s thoughts and opinions. As a Church School, Worship is an intrinsic part of everyday life. Therefore, we asked the children to take part in a Pupil Voice Survey in the Autumn term 2014 about Collective Worship so that they could have the opportunity to feedback to us about their feelings. We also asked the children to outline what they saw as the distinctive nature of our school. It is clear from the survey results and comments made that the children have a clear understanding of the importance of Worship and what makes our school so distinctive. The responses are mature and thought provoking.

The outcomes of this Pupil Voice survey are to be celebrated. Please click on the links below to see what they thought:

Year 5 survey results

Year 6 survey results



Further information supporting the distinctiveness about how Worship and Religious Education are central to the life of our school can be found by clicking here to read our Collective Worship and RE Policies that outline our aims and themes.


RE Displays Around Our School


As a school we celebrate our Church status and the teaching of Religious Education! As you tour the school it is quite clear that RE and the Church ethos is a central theme across all aspects of the school. The photo story below is just a snap shot of displays that have been gracing the walls and corridors this term as well as photos and videos capturing some of the children’s responses to a number of key Christian festivals

Look at our picture gallery.

  • Harvest 2014 - through St Francis ‘Canticle of the Creature’
  • Harvest 2013
  • Remembrance Day 2014
  • Gifted and Talented visit to Salisbury Cathedral to celebrate Advent – November 2014
  • A celebration of Pentecost 2014
  • A celebration of Easter
  • A celebration of Lent
  • Reflection areas and responses to Christian Values
  • Gifted and Talented weekends
  • Easter Labyrinth
  • The Christmas Journey